Weekend fun

Saturday morning brought Bob and his brother Marion over for a shot at some bass. We have an incoming tide this week so we had to fish in other areas. Marion brought the first couple of fish over the side and had the lead until Bob got started. We found fish in four out of the five spots that we hit. In one place we had a half dozen boats around us and our guys were the only ones catching. A pretty good day on the water.

Foggy Mornings are fun.

Today Bob came down from the deep woods of Eastern Connecticut for some striper time. we headed out on a flat calm and kind of foggy morning. We found lots of working birds in several spots that weren’t holding fish. We made our first stop and found what we were looking for. A nice day on the water with a good friend and some bass too.

You should have been here yesterday.

Thursday brought the infamous Dr. Jim down for the first trip of the year. I had tied up some prototype flies for us to try out. It took Jim about five minutes to hook up the first of many stripers. There were a lot of hungry fish liking that fly. We were in fish pretty much the whole trip and we fished several different spots. The big ones aren’t here yet but the ones that are will give you a good workout on an 8wt.

Catching time

Friday Gail and I went out For a look to see if the fishing is still holding up. We found the fish right away and we had steady action for four hours. It slowed a little through the tide change but picked back up quickly. Lots of fish up to about five lbs. and they are eating sandeels. The bigger ones should be showing up any day now. I can honestly say that I haven’t seen this many bass around in quite a while. The good news is that they aren’t all in one place. I’ll keep you posted.

First trip for 2019

Gail and I left the dock at the crack of 8:30ish this morning for our check out the spots cruise. The first few were barren but after the tide changed we moved and the fish were waiting for us. We did really well with bucktails and flies. Most fish were around five lbs. and feisty. The larger ones should start showing up pretty soon. The water temps are good and there is plenty of bait to keep them around.

It’s Time

Spring is here and the rumor is that its going to stop raining any day. We just came back from a successful Atlantic Salmon trip in New Brunswick. I’m finishing up a kitchen remodel and hope to uncover the boat Sunday. It should take about four days to get it ready for the water depending how fussy I get. Hopefully the next report will have a picture of a striper or two.

Getting closer

Spring is slowly starting to creep up on us. The fishing club that I belong to opened their season last week and its been pretty good so far. I picked up two new flylines for my 5 wt. They are Rio In Touch. One is their Gold Floater and the other is their sink tip. After trying both I can say they are the best freshwater lines that I’ve used. They shoot quickly and straight as an arrow. I also picked up a few of their saltwater lines. More testing to follow. I was surprised this year to see that Rio and Scientific Angler prices are running between $100 and $125 a line. Stay warm.

Happy New Year

Just a short winter update. Its getting near time to start thinking about the new season. The good news is that the rates will stay the same as last year. I’ve started tying some new flies for the spring. There were a lot of stripers around last fall and that bodes well for this year. New York has put a stop to the purse seining of bunker so there should be an increase of bait. I have a couple of new ideas that could be fun but I have to wait a bit before I try them. As a rule my anglers wait till the end of April before booking their days with me. For some reason I have a bunch of days already booked. Mostly in the fall. Stay well and I’ll see you on the boat.

That’s a wrap

Gail and I took a ride this past Friday to see what was left. Didn’t see any albies and the bass were laying low. Its the time of the year when its mostly blue sky and windy. Not the best combination for fishing. We did manage to get a few bass but they weren’t really in the mood. The boat was pulled out Friday afternoon and should be in hibernation mode shortly. We made some new friends this year and got to spend time with old friends and it doesn’t get much better than that. Stay safe this winter and we hope to see you in the spring.

Enough with the wind already!

Wednesday Mike came back with Mike Jr. and Brent for more fun in the wind. luckily the guys were using spin gear or else we would have stayed at the dock. We left early and the wind stayed down for the first ten minutes and then it came. We started off with some bass followed by blues and albies. It was pretty steady for about three hours and then it just stopped. After waiting and looking we figured the right move was to beat the tide change and head back. We ended with several albies and a good bunch of the other stuff. The water temps are still dropping and the fish are on the move. The good news is they are now serious about eating and that’s good for us. It looks like I’ll be in the water for one more week/