It’s Time

Spring is here and the rumor is that its going to stop raining any day. We just came back from a successful Atlantic Salmon trip in New Brunswick. I’m finishing up a kitchen remodel and hope to uncover the boat Sunday. It should take about four days to get it ready for the water depending how fussy I get. Hopefully the next report will have a picture of a striper or two.

Getting closer

Spring is slowly starting to creep up on us. The fishing club that I belong to opened their season last week and its been pretty good so far. I picked up two new flylines for my 5 wt. They are Rio In Touch. One is their Gold Floater and the other is their sink tip. After trying both I can say they are the best freshwater lines that I’ve used. They shoot quickly and straight as an arrow. I also picked up a few of their saltwater lines. More testing to follow. I was surprised this year to see that Rio and Scientific Angler prices are running between $100 and $125 a line. Stay warm.

Happy New Year

Just a short winter update. Its getting near time to start thinking about the new season. The good news is that the rates will stay the same as last year. I’ve started tying some new flies for the spring. There were a lot of stripers around last fall and that bodes well for this year. New York has put a stop to the purse seining of bunker so there should be an increase of bait. I have a couple of new ideas that could be fun but I have to wait a bit before I try them. As a rule my anglers wait till the end of April before booking their days with me. For some reason I have a bunch of days already booked. Mostly in the fall. Stay well and I’ll see you on the boat.

That’s a wrap

Gail and I took a ride this past Friday to see what was left. Didn’t see any albies and the bass were laying low. Its the time of the year when its mostly blue sky and windy. Not the best combination for fishing. We did manage to get a few bass but they weren’t really in the mood. The boat was pulled out Friday afternoon and should be in hibernation mode shortly. We made some new friends this year and got to spend time with old friends and it doesn’t get much better than that. Stay safe this winter and we hope to see you in the spring.

Enough with the wind already!

Wednesday Mike came back with Mike Jr. and Brent for more fun in the wind. luckily the guys were using spin gear or else we would have stayed at the dock. We left early and the wind stayed down for the first ten minutes and then it came. We started off with some bass followed by blues and albies. It was pretty steady for about three hours and then it just stopped. After waiting and looking we figured the right move was to beat the tide change and head back. We ended with several albies and a good bunch of the other stuff. The water temps are still dropping and the fish are on the move. The good news is they are now serious about eating and that’s good for us. It looks like I’ll be in the water for one more week/

Mission accomplished

Today Ryan and mike came back on a quest to catch a striper. They had both caught albies before but Ryan has never caught a striper. They are hard to come by in Pittsburg for some reason. This was my lucky day because both guys decided to use spin gear. We started out but couldnot find the bass. I think the first four fish to come aboard were albies. We finally found the desired quarry and both guys put the old Capt. to work. As if my striper thumbs weren’t bad enough. Well they both got their share of bass and a few more albies and we called it a pretty good day on the briny.

Getting it done

Dr. Eric made the long ride from Arizona to come back for some stripers. We beat the sun again and found not too bad conditions. The weatherman said the breeze would pick up around noon today so I figured we had a good chance to at least get the morning in. We found the bass right away and followed them as they chased the bay anchovies. The doc was getting them to eat on a regular basis. We moved aways when the bite slowed and found even more fish. We were having a good time for ourselves when the noon wind showed up at 9:00 AM. One footers soon turned into four footers with the tops being blown off. It was a slow ride back to the dock but it was a great day for catching.

The fat lady is clearing her throat

Sunday Gail and I took a leisurely trip out just to see what its like fishing in less than three foot seas. We found the bass pretty quickly and caught a bunch. There are more of them around than I’ve seen in a few years. I also picked up a chunky albie for good measure. The water temps are dropping quickly and that means the fish will be on the move. I expect the bait in the salt ponds will start heading out any day now. The biggest problem this time of year are the winds. often blowing too hard to cast a fly but not too hard to throw a spinning rod. If you don’t mind that there could be a lot of fish to catch. I’m going to keep the boat in till the 30th of this month unless its not safe to go out.

Fishing in the rain today

Saturday Carmine and Bob braved the lousy weather to try to catch an albie on a fly. We started out as the clouds were building. Bob started the day with a couple of stripers. Albies were showing but not eating. We waited for a break and made our move. We picked at some bass until Carmine hooked and landed a really nice albie. A few more bass and it was time to head back to the dock. As usual I told the guys that if we found fish we would stop. On the way a pod of albies popped up and Bob laid his fly right on top of them and it was game on. Mission accomplished. The guys got it done on a cold rainy day in October.

Worn out

I had the day off today so I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could still catch a fish or two. Left the dock and headed down to where the fish have been staying for the past week or so. After a bit I found some bass on the rocks and had some fun with flies and spin gear. A few albies showed up and I did the same with them. I noticed good schools of albies all by themselves with no0 boats around to bother them. The consistent theme this year seems to be that they pop up and stay for about 10 seconds and then disappear. Sometimes they come back and sometimes not. I’ve caught more albies fishing blind this year than I have caught breaking fish. More bass showed and after some time my arm said that’s enough so I called it a pretty good day.