Another good day

This morning long time friend and angler Gary brought Scott up for his first trip with us. We left the dock fairly early to catch the whole tide. The first two stops produced nothing on an almost dead tide. The third stop brought a brown and silver scup and a striper. By then the tide picked up and so did we. The next place produced a handful of fish as did our next three stops. Once the tide started we had pretty consistent action for the remaining time. We could actually see where we were most of the morning and that plus fish made for a fun day.

Foggy day on the briney

Today Micah brought his son Huckleberry all the way from California to catch some east coast stripers. On the way through New York they picked up Pancho to join in the Quest. We left the dock with a mile of visibility and when we got out a mile it dropped to 50 yards. We poked around checking spots until we found the fish. We had them pretty good for an hour or so until the tide started to run hard. We moved on and found a few more that were looking rather than eating. Micah had the largest of the fish and Pancho caught the most but it was old Huck that reeled in the most. So many in fact that he had to take a power nap on the boat. Lots of fun and the fishing was pretty good too.

Fathers Day

Today Henry brought his other son Henry Jr. out for a mid day trip. Jr. nailed a bluefish within the first ten minutes. He also caught a nice sized striper in the last ten minutes of the trip. Both father and son worker real hard today but the fish were not in an eating mood. Still a great way to spend Fathers Day.

Another adventure

This morning brought Dwight and his Dad David over to spend the day on the boat. We left the dock fairly early to fish both sides of the tide. We arrived at the first spot along with the fog. It took some work but we managed a hand full of bass and the first blue of the season. We had fun trying a bunch of different things. David lead with the most fish and Dwight had the most poundage. I’ll call this one a tie.

Off to a good start

Sunday brought Henry and his son Charley up the short but still dangerous drive up Rt. 95 for my first trip of the year. We left the dock with bright blue sky and high pressure sitting on top of us. Nice for a boat ride but not so good for fishing. Henry struck first with a couple bass in the boat on flies. For some reason the fish weren’t interested in my bucktails so we made a switch in lures and Charley caught on fire. They went back and forth all morning with Charlie in first place by two fish. A lot of fun and a good start to the season.

A little bit of everything

For our past two trips Gail and I decided to do some bottom fishing. Its been fairly decent with fluke up to six lbs. With them we added sea robins, sea bass, stripers, sand sharks, scup and skates. The tides are going to be good for bass this week so that’s going to be our plan. The good news is the our wonderful Governor has allowed the hotels to open which will make things easier for our out of state anglers.

Best day yet

Today Gail and I decided to fish the outgoing tide which started around the crack of 10:30 AM. She made two casts and landed two fish. It took me a little bit longer but I got there. We spent most of the tide in two spots and had fish the whole time. We even got one that was too large for the slot limit at around 14 or 15 lbs. We had several around the seven lb. mark so all in all it was a pretty good day.

Fly time

This morning Gail and I took a quick trip to catch the tide. The first stop was barren so we moved on. Spot number two was more productive. We had had a couple of fish take our squid flies and shortly after that the sand eels came through. We switched to smaller stuff and picked a few more fish. Gail got one around eight lbs. for our biggest so far. The better ones should be in pretty soon. I’m guessing they will show on the full moon this week.

Throwing lead

Gail and I took our first trip of the year this afternoon. Since this was a scouting trip we were using spin rods with the old reliable bucktail. The first spot looked promising but we came up empty. The next one had a few fish showing so we stopped and we each put a couple in the boat. We left them to continue scouting and I almost drove through a good sized school that were sipping sand eels on the surface. We stayed and played with them for awhile until the fog bank moved in. Most of the fish today were about two inches longer than when they left this past fall. A pretty nice start to the season.

Back in Business

We just got word today that Connecticut will let us begin charters starting tomorrow. We are expecting R.I. and NY. to do the same shortly. The reports that I have received are that there are quite a few bass in the rivers and along the coast. These guys put on a few pounds from last year and should be a lot of fun this year. I have about two more days till the boat goes in the water and then I’ll be able to check things out myself. I’ll keep you posted,