I have noticed that quite a few anglers that haven’t fished with me before ask similar questions or forget to ask them before we get on the boat. I have also heard a number of stories about less than satisfactory trips on other boats. I will try to incorporate some of my philosophy so there won’t be any mis-understandings.
The number one priority is to have a safe trip. The Captain will make the determination if it is safe to go out. A rainy day is not necessarily dangerous just wet.
The second priority is to have fun. I know that everyone is not an expert and I will be glad to help you out if you would like me to.
The third priority is to catch some fish. I promise to work hard to put you in a position to catch them. Remember they can see us better than we can see them.
Q: Do I need to send in a deposit?
A: No, if you tell me that you want a day or days I will take you at your word.
Q: What if I get tired or seasick, can we go in early ?
A: Yes but you will still have to pay for the day. If I don’t think that we have a reasonable chance to catch fish then I will give you the option to go in for a reduced rate.
Q: Can I keep some fish ?
A: Yes, as long as they meet the size and bag limits. I will fillet them for you before you leave.
Q: Can I bring two friends ?
A: Yes, but in most cases only two people can fish at one time. It will depend on conditions.
Q: Do you provide lunch ?
A: No, but I have water on board.