Guess what we found.

Every year around the middle of August we start thinking about our friends the bonito. In the past week or so we have taken rides to the East and hung around favorite bonito spots all with no success. Thursday Gail and I headed out just for a search. The Reefs were crowed with bass guys so we made for new waters. After a 90 minute ride Gail spotted some familiar splashes. There was a pod of 10 or 12 bones ripping things up pretty well. Unfortunately they were in the middle of a very busy channel so we had the choice of fish or get run over. We had some shots and the best that we could do was a short hit. We headed back to the dock and found lots of bait on the way. We put about 75 miles on the boat but it was worth the ride. We will be back at it next week.

Back at it

 Thursday brought Mark and his son Cole up for the morning to search for the elusive stripers. The usual spots haven’t been producing like they should be so we went straight to plan B. The first stop was a quick one that was devoid of any fish. We tried the next one for the first time this year. It had always been a good producer in mid summer on a flood tide. We pulled in and the fish were waiting. Both guys hooked up and landed several apiece before we lost the tide. The next stop was unfishable because of all the weed so we kept going. We pulled into the next one to find birds and fish on bait. We picked away till the tide changed and then we moved on. We were able to pick up a few more bass in different spots to make a really good morning out of it. There is lots of small bait coming in right on time so the fishing should just get better.

Mixed Bag

Wednesday morning Gail and I left in the fog in search of a little bit of everything. The first stop brought some schoolie bass. There were a few schools on top. Right now we have loads of big sand eels and they are keeping the fish happy. We left for some fluke and we did […]

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Still at it.

We have been pretty busy lately doing non fishing stuff but we have managed to get out every now and then. The fishing is starting to improve with a large increase in the sand eel population. We have found fish on top without a lot of pressure on them. The river temps are high enough […]

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The next generation

 Monday morning brought Ranny Jr. down to the dock for his first trip with me. I have been fishing his father for more than 20 years and now the next generation has arrived. What does this all mean ? The guide is getting really old. Well we left early to catch the end of the […]

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Thanks for the call

 Thursday brought Pat and Louie down to the dock before the sun showed up. Because of the tides I wanted an early start. Shortly after we arrived Pat hooked and land a nice schoolie. Its good to get the first fish on board but not necessarily so early in the trip. The tide was right […]

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Working hard

Saturday morning brought Rick and his son David along with Dillon out for a try at Salt Water Fly Fishing. We left early as the tide was just starting to move. The first couple of spots were empty so we kept moving and moving and then we moved again. We tried every place that I […]

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Ready to go

 We put the boat back in the water for the third time this year. Now we have a new Fishfinder and a new GPS. We went in today at noon and took it out to see how the new equipment works. Its a few steps up from what we had before so, its going to […]

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Brand new season.

Saturday morning brought back Tayson  and George  for  the new season. We started off with a new tide that did not bring us any fish. Even when it started to run pretty good there was no joy. We moved around a bit and the guys kept throwing flies. After a while I received my “Good […]

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We are floating.

This year it took a few days longer to get the boat ready to launch. My fault not the boats. We put her in Thursday afternoon  and since it was high tide we thought we’d take a cruise around to see if there were any fish willing to play. Middle of May, no clouds, no […]

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