That’s a Wrap.

All good things must come to an end . It was time to call it a season. Thanks to all my old anglers and to my new friends. I hope to share some time in the boat next year. The spring run never got started the way it should have. When the squid finally arrived it was a bit late. There were no bluefish to speak of. The bright spot was the arrival of bonito and the fact that they stayed right up to now and will probably be around next week. The albies showed up on time but the three nor’easters blew them out as well as the bait. We did manage a few good albie days so it wasn’t a total loss. The big surprise was the schools of stripers that arrived in August and stayed for the rest of the season. It was the best bass fishing that we have had in 20 years. Hopefully they will have a safe winter and come back next year fat and sassy.

Still catching

Friday morning brought Bob out of the deep woods of Patchaug. we left the dock at dawn and were catching bass for the next three hours or so. We had to do a little traveling but we found them and they were eating flies. A good time with an old friend.
Saturday Gail and I wanted to get in on some action so we headed out on another early start.The bass were there but they are starting to thin out. We started noticing some larger splashes out in deeper water. some years we have had some small Bluefin tuna show up for lunch. I had packed a couple of spin rods just for the heck of it. Mine had a wooden swimmer that I made and I’m in the process of improving. Gail had her old reliable bucktail. The fish came up and we both threw at them and doubled up right away. Mine was the most violent strike on a surface lure that I ever have had. I wasn’t sure what it was till it came alongside. It was a bonito about nine or ten lbs. Gail’s was routine. She cast hooked and landed another bone. We picked up a few more and called it fun.

It Ain’t Over Yet

This morning an old friend brought Hope and Justin all the way from Colorado to catch some stripers. I think that it took Justin two casts to get the first one to the boat. We found quite a few schools of bass that were spread out and eating bay anchovies. This was as close to […]

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The calm after the storm

We waited until yesterday to venture out to see what was left after the three day nor’easter. We found a sailboat on top of one of the Stonington Breakwaters another very large boat on it side up in the marsh and rocks. Along with several that had broken loose and were stranded on different shores. […]

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Short but sweet report

Tuesday morning Gail and I hit our favorite shallow water spot only to find that the bass fro the previous day had left and were replaced by smaller versions. We tried various spots and found better fish in most places. We ended up with a pretty good bunch of fish. We have two more weeks […]

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And so it continues

This morning Dr. Jeff took the short but treacherous drive up Rte. 95. We left the dock at dawn and for the rest of the morning he caught fish. Today it was an all bass day with far more hits than misses. We fished from two to twenty feet of water with mostly flies until […]

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I just received the OK to keep my boat in the water until the end of October. This has been the best striper year that we have had in 15 years, The best bonito year in the last ten years. The albies are starting to become more plentiful. The bluefish are not here in good […]

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Double slam

Gail and I wanted to get out before this weeks nor’easter hits so we got up early and headed out. We stopped at my favorite shallow water bass spot for a bunch of stripers. The next stop produced more bass, bluefish several bonito and we topped that off with a handful of albies. There were […]

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My turn to fish

Gail and I actually got up early today to have some fun on the water. We stopped at my favorite bass spots for some shallow water action. The bass were right where we left them. After a bit we got a call from a friend and we switched to albie mode. They were eating flies […]

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Deja Wednesday

Wednesday brought Charlie and Sarah back for another go in the briny. The winds were down a little from yesterday but the waves were bigger. We started with bass and then moved on to more bass and then we found a lot of bass. More doubles than singles and no bluefish which I thought was […]

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