Its time to fish

We have the boat back in the water and are all set to go. We took a trial run Wednesday morning and everything was fine. we even got a few fish to bite. We went out again this morning with bright blue sky and checked around. We saw one pod pop up and we doubled. With this high pressure system starting to move out the fishing should heat up a bit.

We are still here

I know that its been a long time since I put anything up here. The truth is that there was an issue with my two year old motor. I won’t take anyone out including myself until I have 100% confidence in it. The mechanics are trying to solve the problem as quickly as they can. In the meantime the reports that I have received are there are small bass scattered around and some bluefish are starting to show. There is tons of bait in the area so that should keep the fish happy. I’ll let you know when we are floating again.

Monday and Tuesday

Monday brought Walt up for a couple days of bass fishing. We left early Monday. To make a long story short we fished in eight different spots and caught one bass in each place. We couldn’t manage a second fish. It was an eight hour day and hundreds of casts. We decided to do a […]

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Catching up.

This past Friday I had the pleasure of fishing with Dr. Jim from New Hampshire. We started early and found some bass right away. We picked up a handful and they moved on and so did we. We hit a bunch of spots and picked away. We ended the last two hours fishing in the […]

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Off to a great start

We had our first trip of the season this morning. Bob called and he wanted to bring his daughter and his brother in law out for a morning of fishing. They also wanted to bring some fish home for supper. That’s usually the kiss of death but not today. Allie hooked up on her second […]

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They are still here

I took a solo trip this morning to check the outgoing tide. I only fished one spot and it was a different one from last time. The fish were scattered but hungry. I caught a handful up to 10 lbs. and dropped as many. Gail wanted to know what was wrong with my hooks. Angler […]

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Good News and Better News

Gail and I just came back from two great days of trout fishing with Cathy and Barry Beck.I have never seen or caught so many large native trout in my life. I didn’t bother to get a photo of the big brown but it was about the size of the rainbow. I also added a […]

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Time to get serious

We are back from our annual trip to Canada. Twenty hours of driving for four hours of casting. The river was still rising and the icebergs were getting bigger. When we started we knew that aour chances for a fish were slim but then it got dangerous. I know very well the feeling you get […]

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Spring Fever

We made it through the winter in pretty good shape. Trout season opened at my Club and Gail started where she left off in the fall. I’m in pretty good shape fly wise. Found a couple new patterns that seemed interesting. I’m trying some new flylines from Rio that I think will work very well. […]

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Getting itchy

We made it through the Holidays in pretty good shape and our winter vacation was super and now its time to think about spring. Unfortunately I had to raise my rates for six and eight hour trips this year. I hated to do it but for me to keep everything updated and in good shape […]

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