Monday morning brought Simon and Dave over from the UK for the week and they got to spend their first day with me. We headed out to the bass spot to find only one other boat which was a nice surprise. We had a steady pick of schoolies for most of the tide. Dave seemed to have the numbers and Simon had the size. We left to find a spread out school of bluefish and Simon picked up a nice one. We tried several other spots with not much luck. By then the tide changed so we made our move. Simon caught up with four nice fish in a row. A fun day with two great guys on the briny. My apologies for the lousy photography on the last two trips. I’ll figure it out one of these days.

We got Bass

I’m playing catchup here. its been busy the last few days. Sunday John brought his brother Tom out for the day. We started on bass and it was pretty steady till we lost the tide. Tom hooked up on his first cast but it took John two casts to put one in the boat. Often times that’s our kiss of death but not Sunday. After a good while we went on a search mission. We found a few albies that were in a traveling mood. We ended the day with a 36 inch 15 lb. striper courtesy of John.

A Bassin Good Day

Richard met me at the dock early today for our first trip together. We had a good tide so I set us up and Richard hooked up on the first cast. This is often times the kiss of death but not today. It was a steady bite for several hours until the tide slowed. We […]

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They are starting to grow

Gail and I went out yesterday after the first rain and came back before the deluge. It was pretty foggy so e decided on it being a bass day. Our first casts resulted in a double and that was pretty much the story for the day. we had more doubles than singles and Gail landed […]

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Bass, Bass and more Bass.

Sunday my old friend Ed brought his son Tim and grandson Nigel up for a morning trip. Ed was one of my favorite pilots from Vietnam days. We took a lot of trips together but never in a boat. The winds were steady 15 plus today so it was a bit sporty out there. Our […]

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Typical part two

Sunday we decided to try and redeem ourselves with our favorite fish. I really don’t like to fish on holiday weekends because it can be a little too busy out there. The plan was not to stay local and try to find fish in less crowded conditions. On our way we spotted a nice pod […]

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Wednesday Gail and I continued our search for the sometimes elusive Bonito. We found them after a wait. We would go to where they should be and wait for them to show up. Some days the wait is measured in hours. They finally showed up and at times they were in good numbers. The only […]

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The quest continues

Today Mark and Tom brought Rafe along for his first bonito expedition. We beat the sun looking for some bass or blues for a warm up but they stayed hidden. The local bones are on vacation so we took a ride. I spotted a few birds and as we pulled up a small pod of […]

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And so it continues

After yesterday Gail and I left the dock as the sun was rising. The fish were also rising. They hadn’t moved much from yesterday. We started with flies until the wind got too strong and tried to put us on the rocks. We switched to bucktails until we got tired . We must have had […]

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Another first

Tuesday brought Bill all the way back from Delaware for another shot at the elusive albie. Bill has caught bass blues and even a large bonito but not an albie. Well that changed today. We left early and shortly after we arrived at our secrete destination the albies showed and they were hungry. Bill hooked […]

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