That’s a wrap

We pulled the boat this morning and put 2020 to bed. The good news was there were a lot of stripers around and they gained a couple pounds and added a couple inches. The blues were pretty much non existent and the bonito as well. The albies showed up and then got blown out by a series of storms. Tons of shad were here as well as three different species of mackerel. Made a lot of new friends this season as well as getting to spend some time with old friends and that was pretty good. Stay well over the winter and we hope to see you in the spring.

The run has begun

What do you do on a cloudy day in the fall with no wind, rain or fog? We left the dock before the sun came up and were greeted by hundreds of birds getting their breakfast. We fished for five hours and it was pretty much non stop all morning. Huge schools of bass and shad chasing anchovies. There were blues and mackerel mixed in also. Only a couple of other boats out there. I had a great nap when we got home.

What a difference the weather makes

This morning Ryan & Mike came out with their dad Peter in hopes of finding the invisible albies. The winds switched to the east and were blowing pretty steady. Add that to the big heave from the hurricane off Virginia and that took away most of our options on where to fish. We put a […]

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Striper thumb and shad finger

Steve and Bob came down Thursday for another adventure on a day when the fog didn’t lift till we got back to the dock. When we got to where we needed to be it was pretty much non stop for about four hours. We had more doubles than singles and I spent then day going […]

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A Grand Slam for Gail

We left the dock early this morning under perfect conditions. Heavy overcast, fog and flat calm seas. We passed by the places that held bass two days ago without seeing any life except shad and there were lots of shad. Pretty much everywhere you looked you saw shad. We played for a while and caught […]

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Back at it

Sunday morning brought Jon and Jeanine back for their second round.We left the dock at a balmy 34 degrees and ventured out. We found the fish where we left them last Wednesday. Jeanine struck first again with a chunky shad and Jon soon followed with a striper. We picked up a few more fish when […]

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Striper city

Thursday brought Dr. Jon all the way from California to catch the ever elusive albie. We left early and began the quest. Unfortunately the albies did not get the memo and were in hiding for the day. Fortunately the stripers were here in good numbers and in good sizes so we were busy all day. […]

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Two trifectas and the boat gets the slam

Dr. Jeff and Frank came up to spend Sunday morning looking for our friend Albert. We left the dock early and headed out. We found lots of hungry bass and a few bluefish. Dr. Jeff got his trifecta with a bunch of shad and Frank completed his with our first bonito of the year. There […]

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After the blow

Davids bass David took the ride down to seek one of his favorite fish. We started out and in the first 15 minutes or so put a half dozen bass in the boat. They weren’t as big as the ones that we had been catching lately but it was a good start. We left them […]

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Funday Tuesday

Today brought Mike back for a chance at some albies and anything else that was passing through. We left early and the first cast was a hit and miss by a Spanish Mackerel. We kept on and found then bass that were soon joined by albies. Both species were liking what Mike was throwing. It […]

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