Great day on the Briny

Gary made a spur of the moment decision and came up for a wet Saturday of fishing. The noontime scattered showers started as we left the dock at seven. Gary loosened up on a half dozen stripers right off the bat in shallow water. We left them breaking to search for our friends the albies. We found them and they were fussy to start but a short move found some hungry ones. He put a couple in the boat in quick order. Then it was trying to find the ones that liked my flies. Eventually we found some mixed with bass and had more fun. Near the end we had the mother lode of albies and bass and it was a good finish to a great day.

Weekend update


We just found out that we can keep the boat in till Nov.2nd so we a little more time to fish this year. The albies are still around and the bass are starting to head south. Unless we get a lot of heavy wind it should be a pretty good fall run. I now have extra days available.

Another first

Tuesday brought Bill all the way back from Delaware for another shot at the elusive albie. Bill has caught bass blues and even a large bonito but not an albie. Well that changed today. We left early and shortly after we arrived at our secrete destination the albies showed and they were hungry. Bill hooked […]

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And so it continues

I wanted to take today off but the weatherman said no wind and I had a brand new fly rod and reel that I wanted to test. Gail and I left the dock at the crack of 8:00AM and found the albies soon after. She hooked up on her first cast and it took me […]

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Pretty good for a couple of girls.

For the past two days Gail and I had the pleasure of fishing with Cathy and Barry Beck. I drove the boat, Barry took Photos (not these, he took real ones) and the girls put on a clinic. We left the dock early Wednesday morning to beat the sun and slightly later today. Both days […]

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For the past two days Gail and I have been doing a little scouting To see what we can do to catch the finicky albies. We have a pretty good idea what they want to eat. One of Gail’s albies tipped the Boga at 10 lbs. today. The bass fishing is going better than it […]

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A squally day on the briny

Saturday morning brought Dave, Ben and Bob down for the first time. We left the dock to find the wind starting to come up along with some ugly looking clouds. These guys are spin fishermen so that was a treat for me. My goal was to not forget all their names and I did very […]

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Its still blowing out there

Friday Minor and Brad came up for an albie quest. We found albies but they were finicky. Instead we did some striper catching. The bass are starting to pile up and they are in an eating mood. We had some good shots at the albies but our friend the wind made things pretty difficult. The […]

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Dr. Jim and Gail

Thursday brought Dr. Jim down from New Hampshire and he invited Gail to join us. We left the dock early to find that the fog was replaced by wind. It was blowing over twenty and these two kept throwing flies. We managed to hook four albies but they didn’t want to stay connected. However the […]

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What Fog

Wednesday brought Steve and Bud down from Vermont for a day on the water. There was a mile of visibility when I got to the boat and ten minutes later we had 100 yards. After searching for a while we came across a few breaking fish. The guys managed a nice sized bass and a […]

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