Time to get serious

We are back from our annual trip to Canada. Twenty hours of driving for four hours of casting. The river was still rising and the icebergs were getting bigger. When we started we knew that aour chances for a fish were slim but then it got dangerous. I know very well the feeling you get after waiting a year for a trip and then get shut out. I guess twice in 15 years isn’t too bad. Monday the boat gets uncovered and we should be floating by the end of the week. The stripers are already starting to show up in our area. I’ll keep you posted.

Spring Fever

We made it through the winter in pretty good shape. Trout season opened at my Club and Gail started where she left off in the fall. I’m in pretty good shape fly wise. Found a couple new patterns that seemed interesting. I’m trying some new flylines from Rio that I think will work very well. I’ll let you know how they cast. The water is still pretty cold out front. Hopefully the sun will help us out. I already have trips booked for this Fall so if there are any special days that you want don’t wait too long. We should start getting the boat ready in a few weeks.I’ll keep in touch

Getting itchy

We made it through the Holidays in pretty good shape and our winter vacation was super and now its time to think about spring. Unfortunately I had to raise my rates for six and eight hour trips this year. I hated to do it but for me to keep everything updated and in good shape I didn’t have much choice. On the plus side I came across some awesome new fly tying material that I think the albies and bonito will be happy to eat. I think that I might try some more early season shallow water fishing if the squid don’t co-operate with us. I have already started booking trips for this year so if you want a particular day let me know early.

Grand Finale

Gail and I made the last trip of the season this morning. We picked up the trailer and still left the dock as the sun was rising. We made the turn and found ourselves in the middle of a bay full of stripers. We were getting them on almost every cast until the tide started to slow. Then the albies showed up. We picked up a couple of them just to be different. When they quit we moved out to deeper water only to find lots of albies chasing bay anchovies. We had to be back at the dock by 1130 so that there would be enough water to pull the boat. Right on time we doubled up on albies and called it a season. Today was one of the best of the year for both weather and fish. You can’t beat 72 degrees the first week of November.

And so it continues

After yesterday Gail and I left the dock as the sun was rising. The fish were also rising. They hadn’t moved much from yesterday. We started with flies until the wind got too strong and tried to put us on the rocks. We switched to bucktails until we got tired . We must have had at least 40 doubles today. My left thumb looks like I got it caught in a paper shredder. One more week to go for this season.

Friday part two

When Gail made her “Good Luck” call this morning I told her to get the flyrods and meet me at the dock when the first trip ended. We headed out and for the next four hours we had a pretty steady bite. Not as good as earlier but still pretty awesome. We caught bass up to 12 lbs. and blues to about six lbs. It was too windy and rough for flies so we old schooled it with spin gear and bucktails. I even managed to get an adult bunker to eat a jig. We saw blitzes like we used to get in the old days. I finally had to beg for mercy and we called it a great day.

Friday part one

Today Rob came up from Maryland and brought Brian along for a short trip on the Sound. We beat the sun again and found fish right off the bat. It continued until the next to the last cast of the day. The peanut bunker started moving and the bass helped them along. Ive told a lot of you that fall fishing is like eating a doughnut. sometimes you bite the doughnut and sometimes you bite the hole. Today was all doughnut. Bass everywhere and feeding Brian even pulled a fat albie out of a school of bass.A pretty good day to be on the water.

Nice day for a boat ride

We don’t always fish on a fall weekend but the weather was too good to stay home. We left early and found a nice school of bass on the rocks so we stopped for a half hour and landed a dozen or so schoolies. We got a tip that the albie fishing in Montauk was really good. With flat seas we headed across. We found scattered fish right away but they were fussy. Later we found some in a better mood and they wanted to play. When the tide changed they bunched up and the fishing improved. We stayed late before heading home. Bass albies and the dreaded bluefish made it a great Saturday.

Weekly update

We managed a few trips this week and we even managed to catch some fish. Monday Gail and I went out fairly early and did well with albies and schoolie bass. Tuesday Brad came down from Mass. and we started early with schoolies in real shallow water. Brad’s first cast brought him his first fish of the day. I hate those slow starts. We poked around and found some renegade albies and more bass. I did see one swim by in less than two feet of water that was about 48 inches long. She is still swimming. Wednesday brought Curt and Jay all the way from Ledyard, CT. to celebrate Curt’s 80th or 90th birthday. We beat the sun and found lots of bass to start the day with. Around mid morning the albies showed up and both guys managed to put some in the boat. We left to find more albies and picked up another. When that petered out we went back to the bass spot where we could see them swimming by. Thursday Gail and I went back out only to find it blowing considerably more and from a different direction than was predicted. We picked up a few bass and had some shots at albies. The fish have decided to start heading south. There are still a lot of fish to come by. I’ll be in the water for two more weeks so I can keep you posted.

Great day on the Briny

Gary made a spur of the moment decision and came up for a wet Saturday of fishing. The noontime scattered showers started as we left the dock at seven. Gary loosened up on a half dozen stripers right off the bat in shallow water. We left them breaking to search for our friends the albies. We found them and they were fussy to start but a short move found some hungry ones. He put a couple in the boat in quick order. Then it was trying to find the ones that liked my flies. Eventually we found some mixed with bass and had more fun. Near the end we had the mother lode of albies and bass and it was a good finish to a great day.