Striper day

This morning Mike & Mike brought Matt up for some striper action. We left the dock to catch the start of the ebb and shortly after we arrived at our secret destination (along with a dozen of our closest friends) a few fish started to pop. The rip built up to serious and we stuck it out with everyone hooking up on schoolies. The guys did well so we took a little ride In search of the ever elusive bones. The wind had a little too much east in it for the bonito’s liking. So they stayed home. We headed back and picked up a few more fish and called it a good day.

Blue Wednesday

I had a last minute cancellation today so I took a solo trip to see what I could find. After a long ride I stopped at a favorite spot and waited. There were some birds working over bait but nothing else was showing. The birds started to come together and then the blues started to have breakfast. There ended up being three or four good sized schools of small bluefish. I stayed until I got tired of catching. There should be a little bit of a challenge to it.


This past week I put about 100 miles on the boat looking for the elusive bonito. I did not see any and have not heard of any being caught locally. We saw scattered bait all along the beaches with some really big schools away from the beach. The bass fishing remains pretty constant. On Monday after a morning of looking and not seeing I stopped at one of my favorite places and took a couple of bass just to prove to myself that I can still do it. This was at slack tide at noon without a cloud in the sky with no wind at all.That took all of fifteen minutes. No telling what would happen in crappy weather with a moving tide.

We are on the upswing

Monday morning I went on a solo scouting trip. It looks like after Lyme disease, motor issues and crappy weather things are starting to take shape. I wanted to see where the fish were holding. I found them in four different spots and they were hungry. I took them on clousers, bunny flies, white bucktails and albi snax. Today Gary made the run up from Norwalk and we followed the sunrise. The fish were there and we started picking away. After a gift from a friend we had the consistency that I wanted. We were in fish all morning till the sun got too high in a cloudless sky. It was probably the best day yet for us this year. No real good sized fish but lots of feisty ones.

Working hard for fish

Saturday morning brought long time friend Dan and Tom and Tom Jr. down for some striper action. the weather forecast looked good with cloudy sky’s and a west wind. We were greeted with no clouds and an east wind. We found some fish early and as the day brightened we had to work harder. the guys each picked up a few fish in the small schoolie size. The bright blue kept the bigger fish low. We even found a school of adult bunker so we snagged a couple and let them swim near a rocky shore. Nobody bothered the school or our baits. It was a fun day despite the fussy fish.

Its time to fish

We have the boat back in the water and are all set to go. We took a trial run Wednesday morning and everything was fine. we even got a few fish to bite. We went out again this morning with bright blue sky and checked around. We saw one pod pop up and we doubled. With this high pressure system starting to move out the fishing should heat up a bit.

We are still here

I know that its been a long time since I put anything up here. The truth is that there was an issue with my two year old motor. I won’t take anyone out including myself until I have 100% confidence in it. The mechanics are trying to solve the problem as quickly as they can. In the meantime the reports that I have received are there are small bass scattered around and some bluefish are starting to show. There is tons of bait in the area so that should keep the fish happy. I’ll let you know when we are floating again.

Monday and Tuesday

Monday brought Walt up for a couple days of bass fishing. We left early Monday. To make a long story short we fished in eight different spots and caught one bass in each place. We couldn’t manage a second fish. It was an eight hour day and hundreds of casts. We decided to do a four hour trip Tuesday and just fish one tide. Walt hooked up on his second cast and put a 15 lb. fish in the boat. We stayed in the same place and it was one after another for four hours. It was the best day in fifteen years. Apparently the squid moved in overnight and the bass came too.

Catching up.

This past Friday I had the pleasure of fishing with Dr. Jim from New Hampshire. We started early and found some bass right away. We picked up a handful and they moved on and so did we. We hit a bunch of spots and picked away. We ended the last two hours fishing in the rain. We added a few more bass and a scup to the total. Jim did well but for the most part had to work hard for the fish.

Off to a great start

We had our first trip of the season this morning. Bob called and he wanted to bring his daughter and his brother in law out for a morning of fishing. They also wanted to bring some fish home for supper. That’s usually the kiss of death but not today. Allie hooked up on her second cast and we had three fish in the box in just over an hour. Most of the fish today were keeper sized or just under and there were enough to keep us pretty busy with several doubles and a bunch of singles.