Funday Tuesday

Today brought Mike back for a chance at some albies and anything else that was passing through. We left early and the first cast was a hit and miss by a Spanish Mackerel. We kept on and found then bass that were soon joined by albies. Both species were liking what Mike was throwing. It was pretty steady for the whole trip. Just one of those days that the stars aligned and the fish co operated. A pretty fun day on the briney.

The bite continues

Today Dave and Cindy came out for their first adventure on the briny. We left early and found scattered schools of albies and stripers. At this stage I can’t remember who did what first. We were busy all day with both species. They had numerous doubles which is always fun. The albies are running a bit larger. I tried a new fly pattern and they weren’t fussy today. We ended up with more albies than bass and three tired people. Another fun day.

Deja vu all over again

Bill and Randy came out for round two on Tuesday. It was a bit foggy to start but it cleared up nicely. We found bass right away and they were hungry. Albies showed up on time and they were a little fussy. We landed a few but had to work for them. After a few fly changes we found the right one. Prior to the albies the guys caught stripers until they were tired of catching them. It was just that easy. Now that I’ve put the curse in play we will have to work for the rest of the season. In between they caught a bunch of mackerel and a shad for good measure. All personnel slept like babies last night.

It begins

Today Randy and Bill came out of the deep woods of PA. to spend some time on the salt. We left in the fog but did find bass where they were supposed to be. Moving around a bit brought us on some albies. They were just cruising and not feeding hard so it proved to be a challenge to get them to eat a fly. However perseverance paid off and the guys convinced a bunch that flies taste good. Add in a bunch of stripers to fill in between albie bites.Some of you know about the “lucky phone call” that comes mid morning. Today in the 10 minute period we landed two bass and an albie.Another fun day on the briny.

Somebody talked

Friday was a day off so we decided to head out after such a good day yesterday. We left early and made the run only to find lots of mackerel and shad where we left the bass the day before. They were fun for about three minutes so we kept on going. Eventually we found the bass along with 20 other boats. It was pretty ugly with everyone trying to get on top of the fish. We stay as long as we could stand it and wound up with a nice bunch of fish. On the way home we found two more schools of fish each with 15 boats surrounding them.

What a difference a day makes.

Thursday brought Gary back out to start his Fall season. There was no wind and flat seas when we left the dock. The first stop brought a handful of bass to his fly. Moving around we found an acre of bass all to ourselves. To make a long story shorter we had fish all morning and into the afternoon. Mostly good sized schoolies with a few bigger ones mixed in.A pretty fun day.

What wind

Wednesday Richard came out again for a chance to wet his line. It was a bit breezy when we left the dock and when we got to where we needed to be it was windy. I keep forgetting that when the weatherman says 10 to 15 he means 10 plus 15. Rich hung in there and he managed a bass and a blue on a fly before we gave in.

Another first

Today Jay brought Ron out for his first salt water boat trip. We left the dock early and it wasn’t too long before we found fish. The guys doubled with bass on their first cast. We picked a couple more and then headed out on our adventure. It was a bit on the breezy side and the waves breaking over the reefs and on the beach were about eight feet thanks to our friendly hurricane. We found more fish that were right in the suds and too close to shore to get good shots at them. we did pick up a blue that was passing through. we left to try and find quieter waters and came upon a big bunch of small breaks on the surface. Jay pulled out an atlantic mackerel out and we continued on. We found a big pile of fish in the wash of the rocks and trying to fight the wind and the tide proved futile. We kept moving and Jay hooked up and landed a Spanish mackerel for his fourth species and a Grand Slam the mackerel way. This was the first Spanish that I’ve landed so that was pretty cool. It was a fun day despite some very challenging conditions.

And it begins

Gail and I actually got up early today to try and beat the latest weather front. We had albies, bass and even a chub mackerel all on the fly with some action also on Albi Snax. Fishing was good until the wind switched to the east in late morning and then it became a challenge. All in all it was good to get our fly lines stretched the right way.

The firsts continue

Today Brian brought his son Brian and his two grandsons Tyler and Aiden out for an afternoon trip. We headed out and it took a while to get to where I thought that we could pick up a few Hickory Shad. Shortly Aiden hooks a shad and after a short fight the hook pulled. Soon after that he hooks up again with something that didn’t want to come in. After some good rod pumping we landed a Blackfish on an epoxy lure. Aiden’s first and the first time that I’ve ever seen a blackfish hit a lure. We left in pursuit of some stripers. We joined the fleet and then moved off to our own fish. Today these guys just weren’t that interested in eating. However Tyler did manage to convince a striper that his lure was the real deal. Brian sr. picked up a rod. made one cast and landed a nice sized Hickory. Then he put the rod down and said ” that’s how you do it boys ” and let them try to catch up. Brian Jr. kept a blue on right up to the boat until it decided to part company. He did manage to land a nice sized gull that was released unharmed.Two days in a row we caught fish and fowl without any duplicates. Still had a fun day with some good people.