Another triple

Saturday Richard came back for a shot at his first albie. We left early and headed out to join the masses. While no albies showed we picked up a bass and blue pretty quickly. Moving on we finally found some albies that were up down and gone. After a bit we found some and picked up one blind for the trifecta. Many miles later we headed in after seeing scattered fish that weren’t in the mood to play. Some days are like this but Richard got it done .

A double trifecta

Thursday morning our longtime friend and angler Dr. Jim came down for another albie trip. He invited Gail to join us so the three of us headed out bright and early. We found albies and started our quest. Unfortunately they did not want to play. Even with great shots they just weren’t interested. None of the other boats were doing any better. luckily a few schools of bass and blues showed up and they were willing. After a while we left to continue the search and came upon more albies. Gail put the first two in the boat and Jim followed with two of his own. I must add that we caught most of the fish in three top four foot seas with the wind blowing a steady 20. All fish were caught on flies. They got it done.

Striper Thumb

Today Charlie and Fran came down from the wilds of upstate New York. We started out looking for a bass or two to put in the boat. The plan was good but not the fishing. We headed out to start the search and found the bass where I left them on Monday. We had a steady pick of bass and then the albies showed up. We managed to get a few to bite but they were on the fussy side today. The tide quit and we waited out the turn and found more bass and albies. A pretty good day on the briny.


Monday morning brought Ian down for a first time trip with me. We stopped to get a chance at a bass or two on the way out. It took three casts to put the first fish in the boat. after a while we went in search of some albies. We found some but they were too hung-over from the weekend to play.We took a longer ride found some more of the same and more bass. The bass were hungry. After more travels we decided to head back to where we started. Ten minutes later a school of bass popped up in front of us. They were then joined by more bass followed by eight lb. blues. We had them for a couple of hours without another boat in sight. To top things off Ian added black sea bass and sea robins to the mix. Despite the lack of albies we had a pretty fun day on the water.

You never know

Saturday morning Dr. Jeff came up for a morning trip. Its been a while so it was good to catch up and catch fish. The forecast was for winds 25+ but Jeff said it was OK if it was a little sporty. We wanted to put a couple bass in the boat before we started our search. On Jeff’s third cast with a spin rod he hooked a bass back in a rip. Shortly thereafter the bass got off and two cranks later an albie hit. After a long run the albie came off and then another bass hit and after all that we landed the bass. The cool thing was that while Jeff was fighting the albie a pair of Minke Whales cruised by about 200 feet from the boat. We picked up a couple more bass and headed East. The albies were waiting and they started eating. While we were moving on a school a large gray bottle nosed dolphin went cruising by the school. The Whales were dark black so I knew this was something different. We picked up a few more albies on spin and even flies so it was a pretty fun day. Back at it tomorrow.

Its started

Most of the people that read these reports know of Dr. Jim the albie king. Jim booked a trip today and invited Gail to join us because they both enjoy a day with albies. We left early and picked a bass from the rocks when I spotted a nice pod of albies not too far away. That pod turned into 15 pods and they were hungry but not for flies. A call from a friend told of even more albies so we left the non eaters to look for more accommodating ones. We found them and soon after Jim had our first one in the boat. It was a good day with both jim and Gail landing fish. To top it off we added a few more bass and a handful of scup to make our day.


Monday morning brought Simon and Dave over from the UK for the week and they got to spend their first day with me. We headed out to the bass spot to find only one other boat which was a nice surprise. We had a steady pick of schoolies for most of the tide. Dave seemed to have the numbers and Simon had the size. We left to find a spread out school of bluefish and Simon picked up a nice one. We tried several other spots with not much luck. By then the tide changed so we made our move. Simon caught up with four nice fish in a row. A fun day with two great guys on the briny. My apologies for the lousy photography on the last two trips. I’ll figure it out one of these days.

We got Bass

I’m playing catchup here. its been busy the last few days. Sunday John brought his brother Tom out for the day. We started on bass and it was pretty steady till we lost the tide. Tom hooked up on his first cast but it took John two casts to put one in the boat. Often times that’s our kiss of death but not Sunday. After a good while we went on a search mission. We found a few albies that were in a traveling mood. We ended the day with a 36 inch 15 lb. striper courtesy of John.

A Bassin Good Day

Richard met me at the dock early today for our first trip together. We had a good tide so I set us up and Richard hooked up on the first cast. This is often times the kiss of death but not today. It was a steady bite for several hours until the tide slowed. We got a nice bunch of bass and a very large blue that Richard brought to the boat only to have the fish smile and turn his head and leave with my fly still in his mouth. We took a ride and found some albies that were pretty excited and weren’t hungry even after some good shots.

They are starting to grow

Gail and I went out yesterday after the first rain and came back before the deluge. It was pretty foggy so e decided on it being a bass day. Our first casts resulted in a double and that was pretty much the story for the day. we had more doubles than singles and Gail landed the largest blue of the season. We dodged the bullet with the hurricane and with luck it will stay that way.