A bit sporty today

Today long time friend and angler Charlie brought his daughter Sarah out for her first trip with us in t5he salt. We left the dock with a steady 20mph wind with stronger gusts and soon decided that today was not going to be a fly rod day. We switched to spin gear and Albie Snax and it was game on for the next eight hours. We were casting in the surf and the bass were waiting. After many doubles I lost count of the bass but we did add a half dozen blues and a sea robin. Most were caught in about four feet of water.


Yesterday Bill brought Jack and Adam out for their first chance at albies. Unfortunately the albies had other plans. We put on over 50 miles and the boys managed a bonito and a fluke. Both their firsts but not what we wanted. These guys cast all day and these were the only fish that we saw hooked. I think that we need a little cold weather to push the bait out and bring the fish back. Tomorrow is another day.

Catching and catching up

I’ve been pretty busy on the boat and with recent computer issues I have been behind in my reports. We have been doing really well with stripers and blue fish. The bonito are still around and at times in good numbers. The albies are hit and miss. Two trips to Montauk were disappointing. Gail and I went this past Tuesday and despite a fair amount of albies she landed the only one that I saw caught. However there were a good number of Montauk sized bass boils to keep us occupied. Along with the largest seals that we have ever seen. Think six feet long and around 500 lbs. I spent two days with Hugh who came from San Francisco to catch some albie. We couldn’t find albies but he caught plenty of bass and blues plus nice bonito. Dr. Jim was back for a bunch of bass. I probably forgot some cool details but we all had fun and the Fall is just getting started.

Grand Slam (the real kind)

Saturday David and Peter met me at the dock before the sun popped up. I wanted to pick up a few bass or blues before we went looking. I’m tired so I’ll make this short. The waves were four to five feet and larger in the rips. The wind was a steady 20mph from the south. The guys were using spinning gear. Peter caught a bass, a blue a bonito and an albie amongst a bunch of others. David missed out without a bonito. The albies showed up and brought their appetites. We had a bunch of doubles and singles as well. When David had an albie on I needed Peter to steer the boat into the wind while I netted the fish. Jack was next to us and he had his anglers net his fish. It was an adventure out there today.

What showers

Jay brought Doug out for his first venture with a fly rod in the salt. The weatherman had predicted spot showers off and on scattered around the state. We left the dock with flat seas and calm winds. The first stop had Jay hooked up on his first cast. We landed that bass and a while later Doug was fast to a fish. It wasn’t the biggest of the day but it was his first and that’s what counts. We were treated to a pretty good dolphin show as six or eight showed up to play. One cleared the water by ten feet and if you want to see a cannonball. The clouds gathered as we picked up a couple more bass and a bluefish. When the lightning started we left for a quick trip to the dock till it blew through. Going back out we were treated to a series of monsoon downpours. I guess all of the spot showers had their eye on our spot.

Slammed again

Today I was able to spend the morning with longtime friend and client Dr. Jeff. We left the dock in less than favorable conditions. Our first stop and Jeff’s first cast produced a feisty bass. Unfortunately The tide was against a stiff breeze so we couldn’t stay there comfortably. A short time later the bonito showed up and we added one to our collection. We took a ride to find calmer water and picked up a rare sea robin. We finished the Grand Slam with a blue fish and called it a day.

The fish were hungry today

Todays plan was to get Paul and Mike their first boat caught bonito. We started out with a bunch of bluefish in the boat so the guys could at least have some fish before the search began. Today the bonito found us and we had four in the boat by the end of our first hour. The rest of the trip was a steady bite of bass and blues with a couple more bones thrown in. When we weren’t running I don’t think that we went five minutes without a fish and we had far more doubles than singles.


I had Jason and Art out for their first time fishing in the salt. On the way out we picked up a bluefish and a sea robin to start. We went a little further and added another blue followed by a longer run. The next stop brought stripers more blues a couple more sea robins and a sea bass. The next fish was a fluke and that was followed by a peanut bunker which was smaller than the bucktail. Had it not been hooked in the mouth it would have been disqualified. We ended the day with another bass and a bluefish. I’d say the rookies had a pretty good day for themselves.

Still at it

We have been concentrating on bonito for the past few days when we could get out. One day they are around in decent numbers and the next day they are being difficult. We were out this morning and just before the tide changed we had a half dozen pods running around. I hooked one on my second cast and lost him when he took off under the boat. I redeemed myself later with the biggest of the season so far. When the tide started to run in they pulled their disappearing act once again. Oh, if I forgot to mention it before the albie scouts are in the neighborhood. I received three confirmations from three distinctly different areas in the past two days. I would think that they may be around in catchable numbers by next week.

Trifecta and a Slam

Today Jamie brought his son Mac out for a morning trip. We beat the sun and found the bass right away.. both guys caught a bunch and when the tide slowed we went in search of the elusive ones. The first stop produced a couple of bluefish and shortly after we saw the tell tale splashes. once again both guys hooked up and completed their trifectas with a pair of bonito. That was mac’s first bone and just to prove who the high hook was he added a sea robin for the slam. It was a fun day out there.