Yesterday and today

Monday Gail and I took a ride out to see what was new in t6he Sound. We found a bunch of bass and some albie scouts were arriving. The albies were just running around having fun and not really interested in playing. We did well with the bass and left with sopre backs.

Today brought Bob out of the deep woods of Patchaug and it was an adventure. We started with finicky bass and they were joined by the elusive albies, who were still running around. Moving along we found schools of halfbeake that appeared to be chased by some Bluefin Tuna. Before you get too excited the Bluefin are harder to get than the albies. The bait and tuna were in such a heated race we didn’t bother to try to get on them. There were only a handful and they were really scattered. We kept moving and came upon the largest school of bass that I have ever seen. We did manage to get a few to eat our flies. We had three species of fish eating four different types of bait. I ended up with a full handful of used flies on the console when we called it a day. It was a frustrating but fun day. I forgot tomention that we were fishing with about 50 of my closest friends. I must say that they were pretty well behaved except fot the two guys that were trying to snag the bass.