Just when you think that you have it figured out.

Friday brought Mark and his son Clayton out all the way from Idaho to have some striper fun. We left the dock before the sun came up and headed out. The day before was too stormy to fish so I spent the day tying more flies that worked so well on Wednesday. We made our way out with a big heave from the previous day’s storm and arrived at our first spot. The fish were there but were not thrilled with what we were throwing. We tried several different patterns and the guys managed to each pick up a few fish. There were fewer fish around and the water was pretty dirty and that was not helpful. We decided to find calmer and clearer water to fish. We pulled in to a new spot and were greeted by a bunch of spread out fish feeding on tons of silversides. It looked like the old days complete with a large seal watching us. The bass were busting all around us but would not have anything to do with our flies. The vast amounts of seaweed floating by did not help. All in all it was a fun day on the water.