I love foggy mornings

This morning the infamous Dr. Jim came down from the New Hampshire hills for his third trip of this season. We left in the fog and made our way out. We had a quarter mile of visibility and that was perfect. The first two hookups ended up with flies that were bitten off. I think a few bluefish must have slipped in. The third hookup resulted in the leader being cut in the middle after a long fight. I think the trim tab might have contributed to that. After that one when they bit they stayed on. There were a lot of good sized ones today. When the tide slowed we took a ride only to find swarms of bass feeding on the top. A swarm is like a big school only so thick that you could almost walk on their backs. We had these guys right through the tide change and into the flood. We were passing the rod back and forth and the Capt. managed to put five in ther boat.