We are back

This has been a frustrating off season. The boat went into the shop to have the fuel tank removed and a new one fabricated. That part went well but while doing the install they found damage to the transom. It was severe enough that a good part had to be replaced. We were able to launch in mid June and everything held up just fine. The first two trips were Pretty much identical. Dr. Jim was first followed b\y Dr. Jeff. We had nothing but blue sky on both trips. The guys managed a handful of bass on each trip but they had to work hard to get them to eat a fly. The next trip brought John across the country to fish with his father. We left the dock with 100 yards of visibility testing out the new radar. The original lasted twenty years so we have no complaints. We got to where we needed to be and soon the guys doubled up. It was pretty consistent all day and we finished just like they started with a double and little visibility. My posts so far this year haven’t been very helpful. The company that takes care of these things decided to change the whole format to make the posts the same as they have been for the last twenty years. Don’t expect to be able to call them for help. I think that I have finally figured out how to do this. If you can read it I did well. Stay tuned.