A Grand Slam for Gail

We left the dock early this morning under perfect conditions. Heavy overcast, fog and flat calm seas. We passed by the places that held bass two days ago without seeing any life except shad and there were lots of shad. Pretty much everywhere you looked you saw shad. We played for a while and caught a bunch of them. The thought was that if that’s all there was today maybe we should catch a few. We kept on and found more schools of shad and we picked away on the fringes of the schools and started getting some bass mixed in. Moving on we eventually had a huge school of fish come up behind us. These were mostly bass up to around ten pounds or so. A big improvement over the shad. We had the school to ourselves for about an hour so that was pretty good. I was catching bass and shad and Gail was too until she pulled a nice sized bonito out of the school. She then finished the slam with a nice bluefish. A pretty fun day with my best friend.