Good news and better news

Friday Gail and I decided to do an afternoon trip for a change. We found bass and blues to start. Shortly after that we saw the tell tale slicing and dicing as the bonito made an appearance. When they first arrive they are hard to catch unless they pop up within casting range. We kept going and saw another pod of bones that were in a hurry to be somewhere else. Next up were the big schools of bass and blues that we have been on for the past few weeks. We saw some really big schools of bay anchovies and you know what that means. we played with the bass for awhile without getting involved with the fleet. Later in the afternoon we saw the line rushed of our old friends Mr. Albie. When they line up shoulder to shoulder and rip through the anchovies its pretty cool. They like their cousins are fired up and are running pretty hard. Maybe by next week they will be settled in and are closer to home.