Another first

Today Jay brought Ron out for his first salt water boat trip. We left the dock early and it wasn’t too long before we found fish. The guys doubled with bass on their first cast. We picked a couple more and then headed out on our adventure. It was a bit on the breezy side and the waves breaking over the reefs and on the beach were about eight feet thanks to our friendly hurricane. We found more fish that were right in the suds and too close to shore to get good shots at them. we did pick up a blue that was passing through. we left to try and find quieter waters and came upon a big bunch of small breaks on the surface. Jay pulled out an atlantic mackerel out and we continued on. We found a big pile of fish in the wash of the rocks and trying to fight the wind and the tide proved futile. We kept moving and Jay hooked up and landed a Spanish mackerel for his fourth species and a Grand Slam the mackerel way. This was the first Spanish that I’ve landed so that was pretty cool. It was a fun day despite some very challenging conditions.