Another first

Today I had an afternoon trip with John and Jeanine. We headed out on a nice day with no wind. Watch Hill was a traffic jam of boats so we kept going. We found some bonito and Jeanine managed to pull a sea robin out of the school of bones. To be fair they are still running around pretty good and its not easy getting one to eat. We kept going and found bass and blues that weren’t hungry. However Jeanine managed to pull a fluke out of the school of bass. Now that isn’t an easy thing to do. The tide started to run and the wind came with it so we started back to find some cover. We found a school of blues and Jeanine actually caught what was intended. A nice blue about six lbs. Meanwhile John was still waiting for a hit. With 20 minutes to go we decided to give the albies one more shot. John’s first cast brought an albie up to play. Ten minutes later John had his first ever albie and our first of the season. A challenging day to say the least but still lots of fun.