Take you pick

Friday I actually set the alarm when I didn’t have a trip. Gail and I left shortly after sunrise and started our adventure. First up was some small blues that we quickly left alone. next we found swarming bass in close. We stayed and played till the fleet showed up. Next it was more bass and fewer boats. Mixed in were some Atlantic Mackeral. We picked up a few just for fun. Along with them were very good numbers of hickory shad. They do like to jump. When the tide slowed the blues showed and we had them up to six lbs. When the tide changed the bass came back and the fun continued. The bones and albies are getting closer. If you want to get out and just catch some fish, now is the time. We fished for seven hours and didn’t really have a slow time. Like our last trip we had know idea how many fish we landed. When our arms got tired from throwing flies we switched to spin gear and they liked that too.