Just like the old days only better

Gail and I left the dock at the crack of 930 this morning to check on conditions after last weeks storm. I wasn’t expecting lock an load catching but I thought that I could find a few fish. On our way out I spotted some birds and then saw some splashes beneath them. Our first two casts with the fly rods brought two doubles. That is pretty much the kiss of death but not today. We stayed and caught fish for a steady hour and when some boat traffic put the fish down we left to continue with plan A. We found lots and lots more bait and plenty of swarms of fish feeding, We stopped and caught and then moved and caught some more. We had bass and blues to six or seven pounds just about everywhere that we looked. We finally gave up around 230 and left them biting to head to the dock. A pretty fun day with the fish liking everything that we threw at them. The sea breeze kicked in around 1130 so we had switched to spin gear and the fish didn’t mind at all. Not every day is like today but when it comes together its pretty fun.