Holy Mackeral

We haven’t fished for bass in almost a month so we decided to take a ride today. We arriver at the crack of nine to get started. In my time ashore I made a bunch of swimming plugs that I wanted to try. A slot sized bass inhaled one on my second cast. We tried several spots and picked up bass in each one on the new p[lugs so that was good. We then went to see what we could find. It was actually too hot out to just stay in one place. We found swarms of fish in several places. The first one had stripers swarming and they would eat flies. The next swarm brought Gail her first hickory shad and this one was almost four pounds. The next swarm was more bass and then we saw a swarm that looked like chub mackerel so we tossed a couple flies in and I came out with an Atlantic Mackerel. It was my first one since I was 15 years old. keeping on we came upon more swarms and these guys were chubs. We finished up with a few more bass and called it a fun day.