Happy Spring

We made it through the winter in pretty good shape so far. The docks are being put in and we should get the boat in pretty soon. That’s the good news. From what I understand with the virus issues the Marina will be open and we can fish. The bad news is that we can’t do any charters for now. The last that I heard was maybe by the end of June but they are just guessing. As of today the bass and bunker have crossed the boarder and are making their way up the coast. The fishery managers finally listened and discovered that the bass and bunker are in rough shape so now we have a slot limit for bass and that is one fish from 28 in. to less than 35 in. That will be the same in all the states that we fish. also the recreation limit for bluefish is three with charter boats having a limit of five. We saw more bass last year than have been around in a long time. If they return to the same areas we should do pretty well. Keep checking here and it pass on any info that I get.