Still catching

Friday morning brought Bob out of the deep woods of Patchaug. we left the dock at dawn and were catching bass for the next three hours or so. We had to do a little traveling but we found them and they were eating flies. A good time with an old friend.
Saturday Gail and I wanted to get in on some action so we headed out on another early start.The bass were there but they are starting to thin out. We started noticing some larger splashes out in deeper water. some years we have had some small Bluefin tuna show up for lunch. I had packed a couple of spin rods just for the heck of it. Mine had a wooden swimmer that I made and I’m in the process of improving. Gail had her old reliable bucktail. The fish came up and we both threw at them and doubled up right away. Mine was the most violent strike on a surface lure that I ever have had. I wasn’t sure what it was till it came alongside. It was a bonito about nine or ten lbs. Gail’s was routine. She cast hooked and landed another bone. We picked up a few more and called it fun.