Catching and catching up

I’ve been pretty busy on the boat and with recent computer issues I have been behind in my reports. We have been doing really well with stripers and blue fish. The bonito are still around and at times in good numbers. The albies are hit and miss. Two trips to Montauk were disappointing. Gail and I went this past Tuesday and despite a fair amount of albies she landed the only one that I saw caught. However there were a good number of Montauk sized bass boils to keep us occupied. Along with the largest seals that we have ever seen. Think six feet long and around 500 lbs. I spent two days with Hugh who came from San Francisco to catch some albie. We couldn’t find albies but he caught plenty of bass and blues plus nice bonito. Dr. Jim was back for a bunch of bass. I probably forgot some cool details but we all had fun and the Fall is just getting started.