Two Fer

Todays report is for the past two days. Monday Gail and I took a ride looking for you know who. The weatherman was his usual inaccurate self. We had a pretty stiff wind from the east and that usually is the kiss of death for bonito. We did manage to find a large bunch of hungry stripers so the day was not a loss.
Today we were promised low winds and flat seas by a different weather guy. This time the forecast was accurate. We headed out and after a ride we found a few pods of bonito. We doubled up twice and landed three bones. For some reason they quit soon after that. I think they had some place that they wanted to be. After looking and waiting we decided to head in the direction of our dock. We came across a bunch of birds and breaking fish so we were forced to get the fly rods out once again. We pretty much had them all to ourselves for about two hours. We quit when we were too tired to keep throwing. We had far more doubles than singles. Another great day on the briny.
I’m not sure why but for the past few weeks there have been more bass around then I have seen in the last twenty years on most days. If you like catching stripers then now is the time to be out there.