It was a great plan until it wasn’t

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with the infamous Dr. Jim. In all the years that Jim has fished with me we have never been able to get him a bonito. Todays plan was to leave the dock before dawn catch a bunch of bass, tire Jim out and go look for bonito around eight or so. We were fishing in the dark and it took Jim two casts to get his first fish. We had eight miles of visibility when we started and after a few hours it dropped to 150 feet. That is not good for spotting bonito. We kept at it and sure enough Jim needed a break around eight so I took the rod and picked up a half dozen or so bass. The tide went to slack and the fish continued to eat. Jim took the rod back and added a bunch to his total. I don’t know what it was but it was pretty good. Around ten we heard the approaching sounds of a good sized thunderstorm so we called it a very successful day. We had pretty much non stop action for four and a half hours.