Guess what I found

I had a very late start Monday due to a random drug test. I left the dock promptly at 11:00AM under a cloudless sky and no wind. The first spot produced a bass on my second cast. They were packed together in behind a large boulder. almost every time I put the fly there one would grab it. It was great because I was the only boat there. I left when company arrived and went in search of the elusive ones. I found more bass and blue fish where they were last week. It was too hot to stay out so I started back to the dock when a couple of fish popped up 100 feet in front of me. There was something vaguely familiar about the splashes. I got the rod ready and when they came back up an expertly placed fly caused one to eat it. Mr. Expert saw the strike and after a ten second fight pulled the hook on our first bonito of the season. I can only remember one time that they arrived this early and that proved to be a pretty good year for the bones.