You never know

Saturday morning Dr. Jeff came up for a morning trip. Its been a while so it was good to catch up and catch fish. The forecast was for winds 25+ but Jeff said it was OK if it was a little sporty. We wanted to put a couple bass in the boat before we started our search. On Jeff’s third cast with a spin rod he hooked a bass back in a rip. Shortly thereafter the bass got off and two cranks later an albie hit. After a long run the albie came off and then another bass hit and after all that we landed the bass. The cool thing was that while Jeff was fighting the albie a pair of Minke Whales cruised by about 200 feet from the boat. We picked up a couple more bass and headed East. The albies were waiting and they started eating. While we were moving on a school a large gray bottle nosed dolphin went cruising by the school. The Whales were dark black so I knew this was something different. We picked up a few more albies on spin and even flies so it was a pretty fun day. Back at it tomorrow.