Typical part two

Sunday we decided to try and redeem ourselves with our favorite fish. I really don’t like to fish on holiday weekends because it can be a little too busy out there. The plan was not to stay local and try to find fish in less crowded conditions. On our way we spotted a nice pod all by themselves so we pulled in and for them it was one and done. The next bunch had a dozen boats surrounding them. Everyone was giving other boats room to fish and nobody was running through the fish. We didn’t stop there and continued on. The next spot is a place that is rarely fished but from past experience I know that the bones will stop there to eat. A minute after we arrived a nice pod of bones showed. We both had good shots and instead of snipping the flies they hammered them. They left and so did we. For the rest of the day we found fish where there were no boats and when we had a decent shot they jumped all over the flies. There was no pattern to their feeding there is so much bait that they just seem to swim around and eat when they feel like it. The fish would go back and forth and if you zigged when they did it was game on. A pretty fun day all around.