Bass, Bass and more Bass.

Sunday my old friend Ed brought his son Tim and grandson Nigel up for a morning trip. Ed was one of my favorite pilots from Vietnam days. We took a lot of trips together but never in a boat. The winds were steady 15 plus today so it was a bit sporty out there. Our first stop produced a bass right away and they kept on coming. When one spot slowed down we found another. Most fish were in the five lb. range. We had several doubles and a bunch of singles. After we fought the waves for a few hours we opted for some quieter waters. Right off the bat Nigel tried to catch every bluefish in the sound. He caught more this morning than the boat has all season. When he turns 12 we are all in trouble. We decided to call it a day when on the way in we found another school of bass so we had to stop for a couple more. It was cold and windy but a lot of fun today.