Back at it

 Thursday brought Mark and his son Cole up for the morning to search for the elusive stripers. The usual spots haven’t been producing like they should be so we went straight to plan B. The first stop was a quick one that was devoid of any fish. We tried the next one for the first time this year. It had always been a good producer in mid summer on a flood tide. We pulled in and the fish were waiting. Both guys hooked up and landed several apiece before we lost the tide. The next stop was unfishable because of all the weed so we kept going. We pulled into the next one to find birds and fish on bait. We picked away till the tide changed and then we moved on. We were able to pick up a few more bass in different spots to make a really good morning out of it. There is lots of small bait coming in right on time so the fishing should just get better.