A little bit of everything today


Thursday brought Mike and Mike back out for a go at whatever we could find. We started out with a bunch of small bluefish and after a half dozen or so caused us to change locations to try to find some bass. We started checking spots that held fish earlier in the week. We were working the second stop when a nice sized school of fish popped up for the guys to double up. A little while later Mike hooked a larger bass and then they left for parts unknown. The next couple of stops were empty but we did find an area loaded with bait. We hung around a bit until the bass found them. Unfortunately they were baby bass so we left them to grow a bit larger. W got a call from one of the Montauk Guides that was on our side of the Sound and he had found some albies. That shows you how good Montauk is at the moment. We moved and Mike picked up our first albie of the day. In a period of about ten minutes the wind came up from zero to twenty and the sea from flat to two to three footers. We left to head home and halfway back Mike picked up his second albie when a school came up right in front of us. Today was a bit of a challenge but the guys got it done.