Good News and Better News

Gail and I just came back from two great days of trout fishing with Cathy and Barry Beck.I have never seen or caught so many large native trout in my life. I didn’t bother to get a photo of the big brown but it was about the size of the rainbow. I also added a native Brookie for the Trout Trifecta. We stayed at the Lodge at Raven Creek which is right across the street from the Beck’s Go to to get info on how you can catch a trout like these.
Now for what you came to see. I have my first trip this coming Tuesday so I wanted to get out and see how things were. My first stop netted a bunch of small but feisty stripers around three to four lbs. The next two stops were empty but the third had good sized fish on top and eating. I only stayed for a half hour or so but landed a half dozen up to ten lbs. They were still there when I left. If you have been waiting, the fish are here and the bigger ones should be arriving any day.