Weekly update

We managed a few trips this week and we even managed to catch some fish. Monday Gail and I went out fairly early and did well with albies and schoolie bass. Tuesday Brad came down from Mass. and we started early with schoolies in real shallow water. Brad’s first cast brought him his first fish of the day. I hate those slow starts. We poked around and found some renegade albies and more bass. I did see one swim by in less than two feet of water that was about 48 inches long. She is still swimming. Wednesday brought Curt and Jay all the way from Ledyard, CT. to celebrate Curt’s 80th or 90th birthday. We beat the sun and found lots of bass to start the day with. Around mid morning the albies showed up and both guys managed to put some in the boat. We left to find more albies and picked up another. When that petered out we went back to the bass spot where we could see them swimming by. Thursday Gail and I went back out only to find it blowing considerably more and from a different direction than was predicted. We picked up a few bass and had some shots at albies. The fish have decided to start heading south. There are still a lot of fish to come by. I’ll be in the water for two more weeks so I can keep you posted.