Yesterday was good and today was better!!

Monday morning brought Lowell, Dan and their dad Charlie out for the morning. We left for the spot that last held good numbers of bluefish. The guys all warmed up on very cooperative blues with Charlie landing the largest. It was time to start our search for the newly arrived albies. About that time we got the call that there were some that were eating. We left and it took us over an hour to fish our way through the albies. We finally arrived in the area. The fish were scattered and eating. All three guys brought fish over the side. We ended the day with about a dozen blues and the same amount of albies. By the way Charlie is in his eighties and that didn’t slow him down a bit.

Tuesday we left a half hour early with Lowell’s son Zack filling in for Charlie. We arrived are our spot and soon had a nice striper and blue in the boat. Then with nothing showing on the surface we started catching albies and more albies. The funny thing was that they were all below the surface and not showing at all. That lasted about four hours. I don’t know how many fish we landed but I know that we doubled on albies more than a dozen times. When things finally slowed we went looking at some new water and caught another albie and a requested bluefish for supper. Today they ate flies like they were snickers bars. This was the best day of fishing that I can remember. I know four people that will sleep very well tonight.