This is the report that you have been waiting for.

We have been busy the past couple of weeks. Mostly looking for bonito in between a few trips. The bones have been scarce and have not stayed in one place long enough to get a good shot at them. The trips that we have had were tough with only bluefish to show for our efforts. The October winds came early this year. Dr. Jim came down from New Hampshire for his first trip of the season. We put a lot of miles on the boat with only bluefish to show for it. The past two days Bill came up from Delaware to spend the day on the water. The weatherman got it wrong again and we ended up fighting the wind as well as the blues. Its not a lot of fun throwing a fly when its blowing 20. We did pretty good yesterday all things considered. Today we left in a different direction looking for bigger blues. They weren’t home either. A phone call from a friend took us on a long ride. The Albies made their entrance in two different places and albies being albies didn’t give us much of a chance to get a good shot at them. As usual the first arrivals do more running than eating. If the hurricanes give us a break then we just have us a pretty good fall run.