A squally day on the briny

Saturday morning brought Dave, Ben and Bob down for the first time. We left the dock to find the wind starting to come up along with some ugly looking clouds. These guys are spin fishermen so that was a treat for me. My goal was to not forget all their names and I did very well for myself. We found the bass fairly close to where we left them yesterday. The fish were up against the shore in four feet of water. That is a lot of fun. The guys all caught some and we added a black sea bass and a bluefish to the mix. a short time later Dave added an albie. All were taken on white buck tail jigs. We kept moving and added more bass. The sky’s darkened and surrounded us so we decided to quit a bit early and enjoy staying dry. It was a fun trip with some good guys. They also got to see the whale that has been hanging around the neighborhood this past week.