We are floating.

This year it took a few days longer to get the boat ready to launch. My fault not the boats. We put her in Thursday afternoon  and since it was high tide we thought we’d take a cruise around to see if there were any fish willing to play. Middle of May, no clouds, no wind at all and two O’clock in the afternoon . It felt like August out there. Our first stop was uneventful using bucktails on the bottom so we switched over to Albie Snax and went into three feet of water. This was a place that I have fished once or twice but never taken any anglers. After about six casts Gail hooked a nice bass around six lbs. All of the local reports have been fish seven to fifteen inches so this was an improvement. A short time later I hooked  a nice fish that didn’t want to stay hooked. We moved around a bit and Gail found one of the 10 inchers. We went back to bucktails and I landed a fluke about 14 or so. Inches.  A pretty good trip for the first time out. The next one will be a little earlier in the day.