The early bird gets the albie


Today brought Mike and Ryan out for their annual albie trip. The plan was to get out early and have fun with bass or blues. I tied on a less than brand new fly on Mike’s line and set up Ryan with an Albie Snax. We arrived at our spot to find at sunrise to find about a hundred birds working  and twice as many fish popping all over.  mike made his first cast and hooked up right away just as he was expected to do. the only thing was that the fish were albies and not blues. There was only one other boat in the neighborhood so it was pretty fun with both guys getting hits and landing fish. When it finally slowed down we moved on to find fish popping at another spot. These fish were a lot fussier but we still managed to put a couple in the boat. It looks like the hurricane is going to miss us so I would think that the next two or three weeks are going to be pretty good.