Saturday morning brought Mike and Mike up scenic Rt. 95 for an albie trip. For the past couple of days we have had an east wind  that has slowed things down a bit. We headed over to a spot where Gail and I had some luck Friday. We found several pods of albies chasing small bait. We had a good shot and Mike hooked on a Deadly Dick and soon had it in the net. A little while later mike hooked one on a fly and after a tough fight the tippet broke. We spent some time getting after the fish but they all seemed to have lock jaw. After the tide change we moved in close to shore where we picked up a handful of bass to 10 lbs and a small blue. just before quitting time mike nailed an albie to earn the trifecta. lots of casts today. The weatherman is calling for a wind switch so that should help.